Alan in Antarctica

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On September 3, 2004, Lars and I were invited to help dive tend.  We went with five members of the Monahan research team, Allison Green, Doug Pace, Michael Moore, and the two divers, Dave Ginsburg and Rob Robbins.  We rode in a Pisten Bully out to a dive hut, and mostly watched.

  The Pisten Bully and dive hut, under Arrival Heights.  The water was 26.2 m (86 ft) deep under the ice there.

  The hole in the floor of the hut and the hole in the ice.

  Michael chopping up the layer of ice on the hole.  The hole was drilled the day before through  4 m (12 ft) of sea ice.  Overnight about 5 cm of ice froze and had to be chopped up before the divers could enter.

  Dave preparing his dry suit for the dive.

  Dave and Rob getting their gear on.

  Rob preparing.

  Dave getting his tank on.

  Dave getting his last glove on before entering the water.

  Dave entering the water.

  The dive hole with the floating pieces of ice after Rob and Dave entered.  They stayed down for about 30 minutes.

  The ladder down into the slush so they can get out of the hole.

  Dave getting out of the hole.

  Dave after he got out of the hole, cold and wet.

  Emptying the starfish into the bucket after the dive.

  The sun - my first view of it since I arrived.

  Dave on the ice after the dive.

  Alan on the ice.

  The starfish they got on this dive.

  Starfish from a previous dive.

  They forced the starfish to expel eggs, which they then fertilized and used the embryos for their experiments.

  One of the starfish and its eggs.

  Another one.

  This one has white eggs, to match its color.  It also had an extra leg.

  Allison with "enough starfish sperm to fertilize all of McMurdo."

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