Alan in Antarctica

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On September 18, 2004, a beautiful sunny day with no wind, Erik took us up to the Radarsat antenna hill, where I finally got a clear view of Erebus, steaming, and nice views down on the town of McMurdo.  Also see below for the even better views on September 22.

  Mt. Erebus

  Me and Mt. Erebus

  The Radarsat dome, with Linnea, Jen, Erik, and Lou.  Note the little door on the left side of the dome, by which we entered it.

  The 10 meter antenna in the dome.  We watched it track the Quicksat satellite as it orbited overhead.

  The antenna tipping down, with Erik and Linnea.

  The tip of the antenna.

  The town of McMurdo, the biggest city in Antarctica.

  Observation Hill.  The cross at the top is a monument to Scott and his 4 companions who perished on their trip back from the South Pole only 10 miles from here.

  Closeup of the town, showing Crary Lab, our dorm, the bowling alley, coffee house, and galley.

  The ice runway under construction, with the Royal Society mountain range in the distance.

  Me in front of the Barne Glacier and Mt. Erebus on September 22, 2004.

  Mt. Erebus and the lenticular cloud in its lee.

  Erebus and the Barne Glacier.

  To the left of the above picture, clearly showing the lee wave cloud.

  Closeup of Erebus, showing the capping cloud.

  Erebus from the road to Scott Base.

  Erebus (on the left) and Mt. Terror under the clouds on the right, from the road to Scott Base.

  Looking north from Ob Hill, with Erebus on the left, Terra Nova in the middle and Terror on the right.  Photo by Doug Leen, Oct. 3, 2004

  Closeup of Erebus, Oct. 3, 2004.

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