Radiative Forcing Specifications for Experiment G3solar


Last updated 6 March 2011

This page is for climate models participating in GeoMIP that would like to conduct Experiment G3solar. We provide an excel file (courtesy of Simone Tilmes and Mike Mills) specifying mid-year radiative forcing for RCP4.5. The particular column of interest is Column 4 (TOTAL_ANTHRO_RF).

RCP4.5 Radiative Forcing


Instructions for using these data can be found in the additional specifications document. We also repeat the instructions here:

  1. The values of anthropogenic radiative forcing for the reference scenario RCP4.5 are provided in the table above. Using the values in Column 4 (TOTAL_ANTHRO_RF), calculate S0 for the individual model's albedo via the formula for each year.
  2. Subtract this number from the number calculated for the year 2020.
  3. In each year 2020-2069, reduce the value of the solar constant by the amount calculated in Step 2.