Robock (1996) Robock, Alan, 1996: Stratospheric control of climate, Science, 272, 972-973.


Firm evidence for a connection between variations in solar radiation and climate has been elusive. In his Perspective, Robock discusses the results of Haigh, who reports in this same issue ( p. 981) new computer simulations of solar-climate interaction. The computer model produces a realistic tropospheric response to solar variation, in part because the simulation takes into account the stratospheric changes in ozone caused by the sun, which in turn influence the troposphere.

Correction: (Science, Volume 272, Number 5266, Issue of 31 May 1996):

The caption for the illustration accompanying the 17 May Perspective ``Stratospheric control of climate'' by Alan Robock (p. 972) should have begun, ``Surface air temperature anomalies over North America for December 1982 through February 1983.''

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