Alan in Antarctica

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Ozonesonde and condensation nuclei (CN) launches

  Board from our research meeting, Aug. 23, 2004, showing how we launch the ozonesondes.

  Details of how we launch the sondes.  I am Holder 1.

  The Terrabus bringing people into McMurdo from the second WINFLY flight just before our ozonesonde launch.

  View of Black Island and Mt. Discovery from the launch site.

  View of Mt. Discovery from the launch site.

  View of the Antarctic range from the launch site.

  Our first successful ozonesonde launch, on Aug. 22, 2004.

  Me holding the balloon before our Aug. 25, 2004 launch.  The tank on the left holds the helium gas. I was kneeling on the ground, but it was not as cold as the first day.

  Sean and Lou preparing the tarp for the Aug. 28, 2004 ozonesonde launch.

  Jennifer preparing ozonesonde.

  The intrepid Antarctic explorer/balloon holder.

  Lou with the helium gun.

  Lars, Sean, and me - ready to inflate.

  Lou commencing inflation.

  Balloon full and shutting off helium.

. Attaching the ozonesonde.

  Almost ready to launch.

  On the way up.

  Preparing condensation nucleus counter launch, Aug. 30, 2004. Note parachute, GPS, mast (for finding it later), and the snow falling.

  Lou holding the balloon for the condensation counter launch.  This balloon is much bigger than the one we use for the ozonesonde.

  Jen testing the ozonesonde in the wind and snow, September 7, 2004.

  The wind really picked up.

   And then the blowing snow, and you could hardly see Scott's Discovery hut.

  Connecting the ozonesonde to the balloon, September 7, 2004.

  The mast, GPS, parachute, and line cutters being attached to the CN balloon.  Jen and Linnea working on the connections and Roberto holding the balloon.

  Ozonesonde launch, Sept. 12, 2004.

  Ozonesonde launch, Sept. 12, 2004.  The sun lit the balloon very nicely.

  Ozonesonde launch, Sept. 15, 2004.

  Me holding the balloon, Sept. 15, 2004.

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