Alan in Antarctica

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On September 22, 2004, we went to Sea Ice School.  After an hour in the classroom, our instructor and guide, Brian Johnson, took us for a trip on the ice up the west coast of Ross Island almost to Cape Royds and back.  Along the way, we saw Tent Island, Mt. Erebus, and the Barnes Glacier.  The pictures of Mt. Erebus are on the Erebus page.

  The view north toward Cape Evans, Oct. 4, 2004.  Tent Island and the other Delbridge Islands can be seen.

  Lou, Linnea, and me in the back of the Hägglunds.

  Lars in the back of the Hägglunds.  That is indeed ice on the wall behind him inside the vehicle.

  Roberto and Sean in the back of the Hägglunds.

  Scallops in the snow covering the sea ice as we approach Tent Island.

  An ice pressure ridge at Tent Island.

  Inaccessible Island and the lonely Hägglunds as we climbed Tent Island.

  Big Razorback Island, with the Erebus Ice Tongue glacier barely visible in the background.

  Beginning the climb of Tent Island.

  Climbers descending Tent Island.

  Climbers returned from the climb.

  Sea ice school student in front of the Hägglunds and Tent Island.

  A crack in the sea ice north of Inaccessible Island.

  Profiling a crack in the sea ice, to see how thick the ice is.

  Approaching the Barne Glacier with Cape Royds in the distance.

  An ice ridge, indicating a crack in the sea ice, leading up to the Barne Glacier.

  The right side of the Barne Glacier face.

  The center of the Barne Glacier face, showing the blue ice.

  Lou filming Erebus and the Barne Glacier in front of Inaccessible.

  The best view of Cape Evans I got on the way home.  On the far right is Scott's hut, where they wintered before attempting to reach the Pole. The orange hut is used for diving.

  The ice road back to McMurdo.

  McMurdo and Ob Hill as we drive back.

  McMurdo, with the orographic lenticular cloud in the lee of Mt. Erebus.  See the Erebus page for more pictures of Mt. Erebus and the cloud.  The golf ball antenna on the left is where I got my first good views of Erebus.

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