GeoMIP Simulations: Phase 2

The second phase of GeoMIP simulations involved three experiments dealing with various idealized representations of marine cloud brightening (G1ocean-albedo, G4cdnc, and G4sea-salt). All of these experiments are described in more detail by Kravitz et al. (2013).

During the course of simulation, modeling groups requested additional information regarding how the simulations should be conducted. We have created an Additional Specifications Document that provides more of these important details.

Official GeoMIP policy for data use is that if you use output from a particular model within a certain time window, you must contact the modeling group and offer them a chance to contribute as authors. Each modeling group is well posed to understand its model and the intricacies of performing the GeoMIP experiments, so their perspectives will undoubtedly be useful. The modeling groups can be found on the Participants page. For the experiments in this second phase of GeoMIP, this window of time has expired, and all GeoMIP output is now freely available for use without consultation with the modeling groups.