GeoMIP Simulations: Phase 6

The next phase of GeoMIP simulations (named Phase 6 to keep phase with the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project Phase 6) involves four core experiments. G1ext is an extended version of experiment G1 to focus on longer term changes and to provide better statistics for impacts assessment. G6solar and G6sulfur are designed so the effects of solar dimming vs stratospheric sulfate aerosols can be compared in a multi-model context. G7cirrus explores the newly proposed idea of cirrus cloud thinning. All of these experiments are described in more detail by Kravitz et al. (2015).

Please note that G7cirrus has recently been designated a Tier 2 experiment, due to doubts about the ability of Earth System Models to simulate cirrus and upper tropospheric water content.

For groups who wish to conduct GeoMIP6 experiments, the official CMIP6 specifications table can be found by clicking here. Forcing information for each of these experiments can be found at the ES-Doc webpage. The experiment ID tables can be found here.

Specific instructions for conducting GeoMIP experiments G6solar and G6sulfur: G6 specifications

Official GeoMIP policy for data use is that if you use output from a particular model within a certain time window, you must contact the modeling group and offer them a chance to contribute as authors. Each modeling group is well posed to understand its model and the intricacies of performing the GeoMIP experiments, so their perspectives will undoubtedly be useful. The modeling groups can be found on the Participants page. For the experiments in this latest phase of GeoMIP, if you download or use output prior to 30 June 2021, you must contact the modeling groups and offer them coauthorship.