GeoMIP Data

GeoMIP strongly encourages all interested parties to download GeoMIP model output, analyze it, and submit the analysis for publication. Most of the GeoMIP output is available through the Earth System Grid Federation Network.

Official GeoMIP policy for data use is that if you use output from a particular model within a certain time window, you must contact the modeling group and offer them a chance to contribute as authors. Each modeling group is well posed to understand its model and the intricacies of performing the GeoMIP experiments, so their perspectives will undoubtedly be useful. Please see the individual simulations pages for more details on the authorship policy for a given set of experiments.

For GeoMIP experiments G3 and G4, not all models may be able to dynamically calculate stratospheric transport of sulfate aerosols. As such, we have created a separate page detailing prescribed stratospheric AOD so that more models can participate in this experiment.

For modeling groups who wish to participate in the optional experiment G3Solar, we have created a separate page detailing the appropriate solar reduction for this experiment.