GeoMIP Links

The Working Group on Coupled Modeling of the World Climate Research Programme. GeoMIP is a WGCM-endorsed community coordinated project.

The Coupled Model Intercomparison Project Phase 6. GeoMIP is an officially endorsed MIP for CMIP6.

CMIP5 (on which much of this project is based)

SPARC Website on Geoengineering GeoMIP is an area of Interest for SPARC, and there is a strong GeoMIP component in CCMVal/CCMI.

The Earth System Grid Federation is where most of the available GeoMIP output is stored.

The Chemistry Climate Model Initiative (CCMI) is the home of GeoMIP experiment G4SSA. G4SSA is also proposed as a lower tier experiment in GeoMIP6 to be performed by Earth System Models.

First Gordon Research Conference Series on Climate Engineering, held in July 2017.

Second Gordon Research Conference Series on Climate Engineering, to be held in June 2022 in conjunction with the First Gordon Research Seminar on Climate Engineering.

The Carbon Dioxide Removal Model Intercomparison Project (CDR-MIP) is evaluating model intercomparisons of various CDR technologies.

The DECIMALS Fund is providing grants to researchers in developing countries with the aims of increasing geoengineering research capacity around the globe, especially in the Global South.

The Geoengineering Modeling Research Consortium (GMRC) is an informal consortium of researchers working on modeling of solar geoengineering.

The Geoengineering Large Ensemble (GLENS) is a 20-member ensemble of a strategically designed geoengineering simulation. Output is available for free to the research community.

CMIP6 has the new GeoMIP6 simulations available for donwload